We create vertically focused, passion driven social networks for companies, celebrities and associations

Tired of outsourcing your social media platforms to third parties?
Own your customer relationships, conversations and insights.
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For Companies

Cross sell and up-sell products, create new product/service insights with a compelling customer service ROI.

For Celebrities

Control fan messages, conversations, insights and relationships. Up sell fan products and services.

For Associations

Manage member messaging, conversations and insights. Cross sell Merchant products and services to members.



Jessica Alba built a $1.7 Billion valued company in 2+ years by leveraging social media: “You need to do more than hand-over your company's most valuable asset to a third party... your relationship with your consumers. You need to do more than just pose with a product... redefine the current business model with real connection with (to) your unique consumers!" Own your social media platform!  Jessica Alba - Vanity Fair



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